Dyslexia & ADHD Education is the primary focus of our school. For the 2022-2023 school year, we are accepting students in 2nd – 8th grade. We are adding a grade-level each year thereafter until we have our first graduating class in 2026-2027.

We are a year-round and full-day school program. Keeping our students engaged in school throughout the calendar year is the best approach to address their unique abilities.

As a school focused on Dyslexia & ADHD Education, we are very intentional about the various aspects of our school environment. Our furnitureyear-round calendar, and testing and grading philosophy, are just a few of the ways we demonstrate our committment to our wonderful students and their challenges.

Dyslexia or ADHD are not weaknesses or something that needs to be fixed. We help our students understand that their Dyslexia or ADHD has given them great strengths in areas that others don’t have. These strengths probably help them think about and look at things differently than their friends do. At that’s a good thing! Also, we spend a great deal of time helping them understand their brain and heart. “What makes your head and heart happy?” We continuously ask our students this question to help them discover what their GREATNESS could be.