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Our Team

Ann Gradman is our amazing Founding Executive Director at The Academy New Jersey. As you will quickly realize after meeting her, Ann’s love and passion for children is unmatched.

Ann has taught for 20 years in a variety of educational settings. She discovered her specific path in teaching when she realized that she wasn’t actually prepared to serve all of her students.

In 2007, Ann had recently moved back to NJ after living and working in CA, NY, and Ireland.  She began teaching in Red Bank, NJ and had a 5th grade student who struggled with reading.  With a Master’s Degree in Reading from NYU and 7 years of teaching experience,  Ann felt confident that she could help. But, Ann soon realized that she did not have the tools to help this dyslexic student learn to read. 

Ann Gradman set out to learn more about dyslexia and her journey into the world of Structured Literacy began. Ann learned about the benefits of multi-sensory reading instruction and she became trained in the Wilson Reading Program.  In 2009, she received her Wilson certification and she has been using the program with dyslexic students ever since!

Ann Gradman – Executive Function Coach

In addition to being a certified dyslexia practitioner, Ann is a trained executive function coach.  Many of her neurodiverse students have ADHD and/or executive dysfunction.  Ann believes that the demands placed upon students are often beyond their current executive age (30% younger for students with ADHD).   She maintains that in the rush to teach content, schools often skip over essential life skills such as organization, time management, and planning.  Ann thoroughly enjoys supporting students in their development of executive function skills in order to help them seize opportunities and have a happy life!

Ann has a BA in History from Colgate University and an MA in Reading and Learning Disabilities from New York University.  She is NJ State certified in Special Education, Elementary Education, Reading and she has administrator certification as a Supervisor.

Please contact Ann Gradman by email or call her at 732-856-8077. She loves talking about her school and how she can help your child succeed.

My name is Christina Faccas. I have four older sisters that gave me a total of 8 beautiful nieces and nephews, who are my world.  I first became an aunt at the age of 13. My oldest sister has microcephally, and she made me a huge part of who I am today. Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to be a teacher and make an impact on children’s lives. 

I received my Associates Degree in education at Brookdale Community College. I also played Women’s softball for two years while attending Brookdale, which is one of the main reasons I decided to start my education there. After, I decided to further my education at Kean University, where I made the Deans List and graduated with high honors and a BA in Elementary and Secondary Education with Mathematics. 

I worked as an aid in a self-contained autistic classroom before receiving an opportunity to be a teacher at The Academy NJ. I absolutely love what the Academy is about and I am beyond happy I made this change. 

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