Progress Not Perfection

Our school values and focuses on Progress Not Pefection. Each child enters school with different experiences, resources and teachings that they bring with them. We assess our students when they enter our school. This dictates where we start with them with regard to the instruction they receive. We provide progress monitoring continuously throughout the year. We also give parents weekly feedback in the student’s GREATNESS Reports. Finally, we measure students’ progress at diffent points throughout the school year using various growth instruments.

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Tests – Progress Not Perfection

We value a child’s progress over their perfection on some arbitrary test. We want our kids’ learning (the knowledge, information and skills that we teach them) to remain with them forever because they will apply it in their every day lives. In our opinion, memorizing “stuff” for the sake of passing a test doesn’t measure or indicate much about a student’s intelligence.

Secondly, our most precious gifts are children. They will be nourished, guided, and loved on while they are at our school. We do not measure kids against each other and are only focused on each of their own unique life-paths.

Grades – Progress Not Perfection

Lastly, we do not give grades in our elementary or middle school levels. We do not believe these indicate anything about a child’s GREATNESS. Once students enter high school, performance and related transcripts are measured and communicated via a mastery skills-based method. If an elementary or middle school child leaves us and needs a traditional report card to take to their receiving school, we translate their performance at our school into grades so that they can move seamlessly to their new school.

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