Entrepreneurship Camp

Calling all Entrepreneurs and Innovators!

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Did you know that 35% of entrepreneurs have dyslexia? If your child is a problem solver, a tireless negotiator, or relentless inventor, this is the camp they need!! The Academy NJ’s Entrepreneurship Camp (using the NoticeAbility program) shows you how to start a business and understand your dyslexic advantage. 

During your 2 weeks at camp, you and at least 2 other students with dyslexia will identify a problem you’d like to solve, think of a cool invention, and then build a business plan, marketing plan, and prototype. And by the way, there’s no reading required!

The Program:  NoticeAbility is a tailored program for students with dyslexia at the point (middle school) where they have achieved a level of reading proficiency, but their negative self-image has not yet solidified. Once students come to recognize their strengths, they are more inclined to embrace their educational experience and fulfill their personal and professional potential.

  • First Session:  2 weeks: Monday, July 5th – Friday, July 9th and Monday, July 12th -Friday, July 16th-
  • Second Session:  2 weeks: Monday, August 23rd – Friday, August 27th and Monday, August 30th – Friday, Sept 3rd
  • Times:  9am-12pm each day
  • Ages:  Students in grades 5th-9th
  • Cost: $550 per student
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