The Academy Way

The Academy Way is the WAY we do school and is a unique, non-traditional, child-centered and holistic approach to educating children.  

It is our belief that every child has a GREATNESS to be discovered and cultivated. We focus on helping children understand that they each have a unique life path leading to their individual GREATNESS. As educators, we want to learn who each of our children are and what they can become. Please visit The Academy Way website for more information.

Our highest academic priority is getting our students to become amazing readers. To accomplish this, we utilize a Structured Literacy approach for all of our students and in all of our schools. In addition to Structured Literacy, we incorporate a well-rounded, foundational curriculum aimed at developing literacy, math and critical thinking skills.

The Academy NJ incorporates The Academy Way’s Five Paths:

  • Path 1) a structured literacy approach, 
  • Path 2) interactive and multi-sensory teaching,
  • Path 3) real-life learning, 
  • Path 4) an entrepreneurship experience, and 
  • Path 5) a socially-emotionally nurturing environment. 

Additionally, each day our students are involved in the following non-academic areas:

Please visit The Academy Way website for more information.

The following “Top 10” are reinforced with our students at every possible opportunity:

  1. 1. I believe I have a GREATNESS!
  2. 2. I will be on time.
  3. 3. I will be honest with myself and others.
  4. 4. I will ask for help and offer help to others.
  5. 5. I will dream BIG!
  6. 6. I will make mistakes and learn from them.
  7. 7. I will fail and know that my failures will lead to success.
  8. 8. I will surround myself with positive and supportive people.
  9. 9. I will be respectful, kind, generous and thoughtful to others.
  10. 10. I will READ like a champion!

We believe . . .

  1. 1. A child’s ability to read well is our top priority.
  2. 2. Structured Literacy helps children become amazing readers.
  3. 3. In going deep, not wide.
  4. 4. Movement, the Sun and unstructured outside time are keys to a child’s happiness.
  5. 5. Every child has a unique life path to be identified and cultivated.
  6. 6. School should be awesome, fun, and awesomely fun!
  7. 7. In teaching children to understand and respect others, not necessarily agree.
  8. 8. In building and cultivating relationships with each other.
  9. 9. Students should be comfortable while they learn.
  10. 10. Entrepreneurial skills are invaluable life-skills.
  11. 11. Progress is more important than perfection.
  12. 12. In low student:teacher ratios in all of our academic learning environments.
  13. 13. A student’s time after school should be spent with friends and family having fun.
  14. 14. The social, emotional and physical health and safety of our students is never compromised.
  15. 15. Everything a child learns in our school should have real-life application.

Please visit The Academy Way website for more information.