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See our FAQs below for answers to all of your questions –

Yes! Absolutely! We value the in-person benefits of school, especially after the crazy times we have been through. Our school operates Monday – Thursday for full days and on Fridays our students get out at 12:30pm.

No. WE DO ALLOW students and adults to bring foods, snacks, drinks and anything else with nuts or nut products in them. We also allow fish. We understand that some children have allergies to things like this and strongly suggest you consider other school alternatives.

Please check our Year-Round Calendar page in the “More Info” drop down menu for this and many other important dates. But to answer your question, the first day of our amazing school is Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

Your child can come whenever they want. After all, you pay the bill. However, your child’s progress will likely be negatively affected and will not be at the same pace of children who do attend the 3 days per week during June and July.

Yes! Absolutely we will have a high school. Our high school is being planned as we speak and it will be focused around entrepreneurship and students creating businesses and/or products. They will receive a high school diploma just like they would from any other accredited high school.

We assess each student based on their ability to be successful in our school. We want our school to be the right fit for the kids we accept and the kids we accept to be able to thrive in our school environment. With this, we have found that high functioning autistic students who can work successfully with at least 1 other student tend to do well in our schools.

Students bring their lunch from home each day. They should also bring at least 2 snacks, and 1 drink and/or a water bottle. We have plently of water fountains throughout the facility. We do anticipate having the ability to provide hot lunches to the students in future years, but just not in our first year.

We do not offer an after school program at this time.

Unfortunately we do not offer bus transportation and do not anticipate providing this for the forseeable future. We will, however, setup a parent facebook page where parents can communicate with each other about carpools.

We believe every parent should decide for themselves what is best for their child. Masks are optional but will be reinforced for a student to wear if that is the wishes of the parents. Adults in the building also have the option to wear masks.

Not usually, however, we do understand that traditional school environments can sometimes bring out the worst in kids. We will take this into consideration and make numerous observations with students who this might apply to so that we can determine if he/she can be successful in our school.

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